Tinkerbell on My Mind

So I might be obsessing over Tinkerbell right now. 
It could have to do with me watching all of the good seasons of The Biggest Loser already... 
But I'm also staying pumped for the Tink 1/2 in like... 8 months. 

Last week I watched the the Secret of the Wings:

And today I'm watching the first Tinkerbell movie:
It's aptly titled Tinkerbell. Just if you were wondering. Haha. 

I also have started planning my costume. Because why not? Something to do, right? I'm thinking I'll go for Ariel. You know, because she was a mermaid, and I used to be a swimmer, and then she had to learn to walk, and I'm learning to run! Ok, super cheesey. 
But if you look at my instagram @bustyrunner, you can see that my hair is red now, too. But that was just to cover up a horrible orange color I experimented with... yuck.

Today is Salad Thursday, also! My BR counterpart will be here later for delicious salad bar time! It's a tradition that started before the running did, but only by a little. It used to be salad Wednesdays, too... but we started running and going to the farmer's market instead... so this week we're trying Salad Thursday!
There will be tons of pictures, I'm sure.

What are all of you eating for a healthy treat with your friends?

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