The Neon Run Recap and Why the Heat is Crushing Me

Hi everybody!

Sorry I've been a wee bit MIA!

I had the Neon Run on Saturday night and it was AMAZING!!!!

We got dressed up in our finest neon apparel, and were ready to run. 
Looking good, yeah?!

The bad parts first:
The start corrals were irrelevant because more than half of the participants were walking. There were also people smoking (tobacco and other natural products), which wasn't cool. The worst thing was probably that the course wasn't a full 5k! The course was a half mile short, but it could have been even shorter. I had my jog tracker on and it said 2.6 miles, but we were bobbing around walkers the entire time!

Good things:
Lots of fun to run in neon. Loved seeing all of the lights at night. Night running is the best!
There was music on the entire course, and I had a ton of fun. Lots of free swag, too, but no free shirts.
Also free water. TONS OF FREE WATER!! And it wasn't gross. It was like, clean tasting. Or something ridiculous like that. Haha. 

Meanwhile, in Davis:
The boyfriend is gone for work, BR2 is in the bay area, and my bestie is sick :(
So I've been having trouble loosening up and hanging out with other people...
The weather has also been ridiculous. It was 110*F one day, and raining the next. Mostly it's just really hot all of the time. And I hate being hot :(

How are your running dreams going?

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