Some Days I Should be Resting...

But then those days are my birthday and I eat too much and get embarrassed with myself and have to run. 
Luckily, just when I thought I was going to go to bed early for the night, I saw my neighbor walking home and asked if she maybe thought running sounded like a good idea and she was totally down!

It was the hardest workout so far! 
Surprise runs are the best, though. I don't get to spend all day nervous about the weather or my asthma or if I'll find somebody to run with or any of that. The run just happens and I go. 
And it felt SO GOOD!! 

But because I didn't plan on it, I didn't hydrate before... so I got a little light-headed. 
I hate getting dizzy, and I always try to just blame it on my asthma, even when I totally know it's my fault. 
When I get dizzy, I always just focus on my breathing and remind myself that it won't last forever. 

Now don't get it twisted!
I would never keeping running while light-headed if I was out by myself! 
I only keep going if I have a partner that I know will help me if anything serious happens.
I ALSO don't run without my ID band.
It has my full name and birth year, my dad's phone number, my boyfriend's number, my insurance plan and number, and a reminder to "just keep trying."
So it's pretty cool and I like it and it keeps me feeling safe.
I like to think it brings peace of mind to my running partners knowing that all of my vital info is right there and available.

Pictures to come tomorrow!

PS- I got this picture from my bestie!

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