I HATE Drinking Water!!

I think water is boring. And plain. 
But that's not the only reason I'm on a water rage! 
I live in an area that uses well water, but it's an agricultural area, so the water's actually pretty gross.
Doctors tell pregnant women not to drink tap water here. No joke. \

But since this is an attempt at a fitness blog, I'll tell you what I do to make it bearable.

I love Crystal Light Energy! It's great in the morning, or especially in the afternoon when I hit that 4 o'clock lull... They have 4 flavors, but I love the peach mango the best!

I also am digging nuun! It's a great way to help hydrate, as it has tons of vitamins and good stuff. They can tell you all about it on their website. But there are a TON of flavors, and the ones that I've tried are super yummy. See for yourself!

I also do things like eat a lot of raw vegetables that have a high water content (CUCUMBERS ARE SO DELICIOUS!!), add extra water to smoothies and stuff, and I drink fat free milk. I love dairy. It's kind of embarrassing how much I try to eat cheese and yogurt. Haha.

Another trick is to get a water bottle. Nothing to flashy, this isn't something to splurge on. Trust me, I love spending money. Haha. I'll tell you when you can save so you can buy more later. Wooo!! 
But so you have the water bottle, and you should probably get a few, ALWAYS keep them full. When the water bottle is empty, you might not bother 
When there are full water bottles around, you can just curl up in bed with a bad movie and it'll be convenient to hydrate! Another reason to drink water? It helps with weight loss! I'm sold! 

What are your hydration tips?

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