Photo Dump and Gear Haul!

Look!! I got new things!

I went out with BR2 to get a bra fitting. I'll talk more to that, later. But here's what I bought!
Alright, not super cute. But it IS super comfy!!
I haven't talked much about why this blog is BustyRunner, I figured it was self explanatory. 
If you don't get it, it's because I have a large chest, and that can be really hard when you're trying to become runner. So I got fitted today, as did BR2, and she was told she was a 32F, while I got told that I'm a 36G.
Those are not easy sizes to buy for. But like I said, more on this later.

I was talking about NUUN before, and here are the three flavors that I have collected thus far! Nuun is great for people who don't like water. I might be one of those people!! 

I also was talking about Pro Compression and the deals that are going on right now. I got my socks in the mail today, and I'll wear them tomorrow when I have my first running training class. Woo!

Here are the other socks that I usually wear when I run. 
Tip: Don't run in cotton socks. If your feet sweat or get wet, cotton will absorb the moisture instead of wicking it away from your skin. The moisture creates friction which creates blisters. Gross!

I also got a package from Team Sparkle!! I love their products and LOVE their blog! I'm super excited to run in this cute skirt! Pictures will follow! Team Sparkle is super cool. I wish I could be them. Haha.

One last thing: I found a little patch of strawberries on my run the other day! Awesome, I know!

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