Favorite Things

I LOVE home cooked meals from my family. This is what my parents made for Mother's Day this year. My dad grilled chicken and vegetables, and my mom made a salad from organic greens from her garden, as well as organic onions and edible flowers that she grows, too! It's SO cool that she creates all of this food on her own, and I totally wish that green thumbs were genetic. Haha.

In a perfect world, Tinkerbell would be my spirit animal. My goal right now is to be able to do the Tinkerbell Half Marathon in January, so I keep everything Tinkerbell related as a reminder of my goals. I also have green as my go-to color when I'm buying new gear or painting my nails because green is the color that Tara from Season 7 of Biggest Loser wore, green is the color of nature, green means GO, and, in a recent study, runners who viewed images through a green lens, ran faster than runners viewing black and white or red images. So, green being the color of Tinkerbell is helpful for me to keep reminding myself of my goals. 

It helps me tolerate the disgusting tap water that comes out of my sink. It also comes in a bunch of different flavors! These are the three that I have.
Nuun is amazing. I can't speak highly enough of it. It comes in so many flavors and in so many electrolyte mixes, it helps revitalize me after a long run, and it helps me get going before a run on a hot day. If you haven't tried it, you seriously should. I love it entirely. 

Team Sparkle gear! I have just one skirt right now, but I wish I could afford more! The people behind Team Sparkle are three moms in SoCal and I just want to be as cool as them when I have kids! Heck, I wish I was as cool as them now! I follow all three of their blogs, and the Sparkle blog and you should totally check them out, too.

These are my socks! The yellow ones are my compression socks that I wear after a run, or if I wake up with sore legs and need to get some good recovery going. I also have some compression sleeves that I'll wear on my calves for the same reason. 
The socks on the right are the only socks I've run in so far and probably the only socks I'll ever buy for running. They're super comfy and my feet never feel sweaty in them (even though my feet are almost always sweaty in shoes), so these socks are GREAT! I love my zulu's!

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