My Event Schedule

So it's Salad Thurday! 
I was so excited to eat that I forgot to take pictures! But here's a fun picture for you:
That's my running spreadsheet of all the events I had an interest in. The purple ones are the ones I have a STRONG interest in, and the yellow ones I AM GOING TO!!! OR ELSE!!

I also ran a PR today! 2 miles down in 23 minutes. Today's motto was, "One more step. One more step. One more step closer to health." 

I like cheesey mottos.

But I also did a total of 3 miles today. Which is also awesome. So sore now, and I'm going to take a nice soak after my BR counterpart and I watch a movie!

Now to watch Because I Said So with my salad buddy! 
I definitely have a crush on Mandy Moore. Somebody PLEASE tell me she's a runner. And that she's cool enough to read this. 

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