Getting Inspired In Unexpected Places! (seriously a post worth reading)

Today I had my first group training session! It's set up to help people prepare to run the MOOnlight rac in July. I probably won't actually do the race, but I wanted a training group.
Here's a cute picture of the mascot:

 Anyways, the training group was really fun and BR2 showed up only a couple minutes after me so we started out together. 
I was really trying to push myself to go fast and have short walking intervals, but about halfway through, I realized that this was an opportunity to run with some new people!

Don't get me wrong, I love BR2 a ton, but I run with her all the time. 
So as I was turning to go back, I noticed somebody who had been going pretty slow, but was clearly pushing herself. Something in me said, "Don't make this run about you!" and so as I as going to pass her going the other way, I turned around and asked if I could jog with her the rest of the way. 
She said yes! And I had an awesome time!

It was her first time running in a looooong time, she said. But she ran most of it!
She was slow, but it was good for me to actually jog at a pace that didn't tire me out, so I could learn that pace for longer runs. And I really enjoyed talking to her! She was probably in her 40's, and she said she had a couple of kids, I think. I don't know, she just reminded a lot of my own mother. 
When I told her of my plans to run the Tinkerbell Half in January 14, she got really excited and said that that sounded like a goal she wants to add to her life! How cool?!

She kept telling me that she wouldn't mind if I went ahead and went faster to finish sooner. But it wasn't about that for me! I can go run faster later, but I really was inspired by her! It was like holding up a mirror to me a month ago during my first run and it made me realize that I've progressed so far in only a month! I'm even thinking about stepping on the scale again soon.
By the end she even said how nice it was to have somebody to keep up with. Haha.

Anyways, I had a seriously realization yesterday when I was trying to do my furthest distance so far.

I realized that I'm not running to lose weight anymore. I realized that it may have been the reason I started, but now, I run to be better. Like, I don't care anymore about how quickly the number on the scale drops. 
All I care about now, is getting to the end of a workout. 

Did I blow your mind? I hope I did. Haha.

What inspires you to keep going?
Have any of your goals changed lately?

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