Resting TOTALLY Matters

I was skeptical. I knew that my muscles might feel fatigued, but I thought that if I had the mental will to workout, I should work out. 

Like an omen from the Gods, Hungry Runner Girl posted this link to signs that it's time to take a rest day...

I've been sore and cranky and I haven't slept well, so reading the article convinced me to take a day off completely. So yesterday I rested. I slept 9 hours all night, woke up early, but naturally. 

Today has gone so much better. 

My mood improved a TON! 

And I'm taking today off, too. 
That means that tomorrow, when I get done traveling home, I can beg my buddies to run with me and keep me motivated. Trying to be motivated on my own has been really difficult. Like, I can only convince myself to do a short circuit. Granted, something is better than nothing, but it's still disappointing. 

Anyways, I'll be back to blogging with more pictures and excitement! 

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