Being Sick is Kind of Awful

Hi everyone!

I was really hoping to do a long run yesterday, but totally failed at even leaving my apartment. 
I'm pretty sure I have a sinus infection, but I also have a sore throat... so regular breathing is pretty painful as it is, which meant that I stayed in bed most of the day. So disappointing. 

 But in other news, Arrested Development  is back!
I'm on episode 3 of the new season, and I'm totally loving it!

I'm probably going to be in bed most of the day again, which is annoying. 
All I want is to feel healthy and energetic, but I really can't even find the energy to shower instead of take a bath. Pretty pathetic way to feel, huh? 

I'm trying to eat only the best right now, so fresh salad and chicken breast, some smoothies, and Nutrisystem meal bars. Losing my sense of taste is so unpleasant, I love food!! I keep craving foods that I can't even taste... so unfair.

I also have a new book to read! It's Kara Goucher's Running For Women, and I'll probably lose my knose in it, today. Sweet!

Have a good day, folks!

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