What I eat!

Yesterday's work-out:
Cross Training Circuit
3 sets of 25 countertop push ups
3 sets of 15 jump squats
3 sets of 15 controlled kicks per leg
3 sets of 20 scissor kicks
2 sets of 30 bicycle crunches

Yesterday was sort-of my rest day, so I took it easy and didn't work out until the very end of the day when I was feeling guilty... so I did my little bit of cross training, and then had a day after my birthday celebration with my bestie. 

I think that I'm a bit different from what most running bloggers will tell you to do...
Most runners get heir workouts done early in the day, it seems, but I always want to put it of until as late as possible. I feel like that way I know what I've put in my body and how I chosen to fuel myself throughout the day, so I have some idea of how hard I can and should push it. 
I try to be very careful about what I consume, because part of how I became unhealthy was by not being a conscious consumer. So, although I don't count calories exactly, I do try to keep my meals at about these averages:
  • Breakfast: 200-300 calories 2:3 ratio of carbs to protein. An example would be oatmeal and yogurt.
  • Mid-morning snack: near 100 calories of mostly protein with a little bit on fat. Usually a yogurt, cheese stick, or egg. Sometimes I'll eat my mid-morning snack with breakfast. 
  • Lunch: between 200-300 calories with 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein. Usually a salad with bread and a yogurt, or something. (Are you sensing a trend in how much I like yogurt? Haha)
  • Snack: Under 100 calories, light carbs, low fiber. This is when I would have something more simple. I don't eat refined sugar all that much, but this is when I'll eat a more simple sugar, like juice.
  • Dinner: 300-400 calories with a lot of fiber. I don't like feeling hungry when I go to bed, and I'm prone to night-time snacking, so the fiber really helps prevent that.
  • Dessert (YES! DESSERT!!): 100 calories or less. Just something to satisfy any craving I'm having. because it's at the very end of the day before bed, I don't have to worry too much about its carb/protein/fat/fiber makeup, because I won't be using it as fuel for a run. 
So that's kind of a sample of what I eat. I know that for some people, it would seem low in calories, but for me, it's just enough to keep me going on days that I'm active or inactive. 
I also drink a ton of water. I've talked about that before, but it really is one of my diet "secrets." Drinking water helps me feel fuller longer, so I don't have horrible cravings. It also keeps me hydrated during my runs at night. 

All righty-o! I'm off to see my dear mother tonight! Woo!

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