The Best Way to Celebrate a Birthday!

I just got back from the best run!

But before I get to that I want to tell you about my first Tuesday running class! 
We got there and went around the circle and introduced ourselves and then we had a light warm-up run around the track. 
After that, we did a TIMED MILE!!! WOOOOOOOO!!!
I was super nervous, but like I said earlier, my goal was to be able to finish in under 12 minutes. 

Not only did I finish in 11:28 (WHAT?!), but I RAN THE ENTIRE TIME!!!

I think it's important to celebrate the things that you're proud of, even if it doesn't sound like much. 
This is especially true when it's a step towards your goal, because you need to be proud that your getting closer instead of unhappy that you haven't gotten there yet.

After my class I got froyo, where I did some much needed venting, and it was delicious, but something about the sugar and the emotions and the cold breeze had my nerves kind of shaken... eep.

Anyways, I was on my way home from getting froyo with a friend of mine, and I realized I still had some weird anxious nerves in me that I hadn't felt in a while... So I knocked on my neighbors door (she reads this blog and is gonna be tickled that I didn't think of a blog name for her, lol) and she happened to be going on a run. So being opportunistic, I totally went for a run with her! 

We did my best distance in a half hour thus far!

I was hoping to do 5k tomorrow just to feel confident in my ability to be ready for a real one in a few weeks, but after doing the math, it turns out that I did about 4 miles cumulatively today. 

If you don't know, that's about an entire MILE over a 5k!

What up!!

Happy Birthday to me!

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