Oh my goodness.
I'm STILL sick.

This is so awful.
I haven't left my apartment since Friday evening before all of my symptoms hit. 
I will be leaving my apartment at about... 2 o'clock... which will bring the grand total to about...

64 hours of confining myself in my apartment.

It should be GREAT to get out. I'm hoping to even run a mile or so today, just to make sure I still got it! :)

But I might also feel crappy again if I don't run...

But in more cheerful news:

And even better:

Being sick makes me way too lazy to leave my apartment, so the boyfriend got me coffee this morning. He was being all sweet and didn't want to wake me up when he got up this morning, so he walked down to the grocery store and got himself some breakfast and sat out on the patio until I called him. 
Then, I got him to get coffee for me before he left! Yay!

The smoothie was my "I'm so tired of eating only bars" food. So I scoured my freezer for my bag of mixed fruit and blended it together with Chia seeds and this coconut water I got recently:

I can't say I'm a fan of coconut water on it's own, but it was a nice way to add more nutrients to my smoothie while thinning it out a little to the consistency that I like. 

Hope everybody has a good day!

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