Pro Compression Deal

My goodness, I found a GREAT deal today. 
ProCompression makes some absolutely fabulous compression socks and calf sleeves. 
I have a yellow pair of socks in the mail using the code: SOM5 which will get you 40% off and free US shipping until the end of May. Yay! Loving their sock of the month deal!! 
Here's a picture of them:
They kind of make me want to have a bumble bee costume for the Pretty Muddy 5k I'm doing with my neighbor next month (: 

I wasn't going to share that code with you, but then I found this other one that was emailed to me, and it is SO GOOD that I HAD to tell you! Using the code: AA50 you can get 50% off and free US shipping on ANY SOCKS OR CALF SLEEVES!! This offer is only good until May 15th (which, AHEM, is my birthday!!) so hurry up and grab it! Exclamation points everywhere!! Excitement! 
They have a bunch of colors and different cuts so you should DEFINITELY try a pair while this deal is on!

Update: I just bought 3 pairs of sleeves. Yes!

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