Peanut Butter for Dayzzzz

I got another package in the mail today!
It contained a bag of PB2 chocolate, which is DELICIOUS.
It's a dehydrated peanut butter powder, and the one I got was chocolaty as well. 
I think it's especially cool because it doesn't have all of the oil in it, so it's much lower in calories. So I can eat tons of peanut butter now! 
To make it into a spread, you just combine it with water. So simple!
Because it's a powder, I can use it in my oatmeal, in smoothies and shakes, and in pancakes!
I can't wait to try it in everything!

Right now I'm drinking it in one of my protein shakes and it tastes like a Reese's milkshake! Yum!

Tonight, BR2 and I have our first weekday running class, and it sounds like a bunch of fun!
They'll be timing how long it takes for us to do a mile and I'm aiming for a sub-12 minutes time... I'm setting the bar pretty low for myself so that I might be able to surprise myself. Haha!

I'll definitely let you all know my time, because if you know how pathetic it is, I HAVE to make it better. Lol. You guys help hold me accountable, so tell your friends about me! 

I signed up for another run today. I think I have a problem.
I was already signed up for 6 and I just had to sign up for a 7th one... 
I'm doing it! A friend of mine invited me to join her, so I simply must! 
It's an evening run, which should be a special treat for me because I always enjoy my after dark runs so much more (: 
It's June 8th in San Francisco! Who wants to join us?!

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