Shameless Optimism

Today I was running (duh) and realized that through all of the blogs I read, I haven't found one for women running for weight loss, but also running to prepare for a race!

Well, that would be me. And I spend a lot of time reading blogs Mostly running blogs. but also nutrition blogs. And general athletic magazine websites.

So here goes: I was once a very active person. I lost my way about me... and weighed in at 250 pounds!! Needless to say, I wasn't happy with that number. I was also unhappy with my low energy level, and especially how inactive I was! So now I'm 40 pounds down, 30 miles up, and 6 5k races away from a half marathon! 

I am VERY excited! 

I'll be doing posts on clothing, foods, I'll put up some recipes, and most importantly, I'll tell you about being a big girl runner. 

Wish me luck!

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