Happy Mother's Day! Time to be mushy!

Yeah, I know. It seems like I'm a day late in saying that. 
But like any good daughter, I spent the day celebrating with my mother and grandmother in real life, so I was too busy to blog about it! Haha.

 Yesterday's workout: 
2-hour walk with BR2 at 11am 
2-hour walk with my AMAZING mother at 6pm
Not really high-intensity, but lots of fun! I LOVE spending time with those 2 ladies, they're awesome.

Anyways, Mother's day was great! 
My dad grilled some veggies and some chicken breasts and my mom made a salad with the greens and onions from her garden, as well as some flowers! She send me home with a bunch to eat this week, too!
Oh my goodness. SO YUMMY

My health tip of the day?
Not so that you puke rainbows (HAHA) but because it's a great way to insure that you're eating a wide range of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals! SO COOL! 
Also, when you want to spend time getting to know somebody better, or just enjoy having private conversations, go on a walk with them. I got to catch up with my mom about a lot of things going on in her life that had fallen off of my radar, and we probably wouldn't have caught up if we stayed home.

I also got to listen to my grandma tell me stories about being an Airforce Wife and about living in a bunch of different places.

My mom also promised me that if she wasn't able to do the the Tink 1/2 marathon come January, she still really wanted to be able to run one with me next year sometime. I was so happy I started to tear up! I never really believed before yesterday that she really believed in her ability to make it! 
I'm SO proud. I love my mom SO much. 

Hope you all had a wonderful day!

How do you celebrate the ones you love?

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