Some Runs Are Better Than Others

Today I ran a couple miles, but mostly I walked them. And I didn't really keep track of how far I exactly went and I definitely didn't keep track of my speed. 
I only even went out because I was stressed out. 

Today reminded me that I should always be planning for my next run. 
I should always be hydrating for my next run.
I should always be eating like I'm going for a run later.
I should always be staying warmed up by stretching throughout the day.

I didn't do any of those things today. 

I ate a big dinner. I didn't hydrate well today. I didn't stretch at all today. I didn't start out slowly. 
I made all of the mistakes I know better than to do. 
I paced way too quick at the beginning and burnt out. 
I kept trying to start again but maybe only ran half a mile in any given stretch. 
My calves and shins were super tight, too. 
I had a diet soda at dinner, which totally didn't help hydrate me. 

I know running when I'm stressed is helpful. It's really been nice in the past, and has totally helped me get my best pace and distance. I just have to remember that I'm living my life as a runner now. I need to make decisions based on being a runner! I celebrated my birthday, and with it, I celebrated my health! I am making so many healthy decisions all the time that I can't let unhealthy decisions hold me away from my goals. 

Today was a stepping stones, a learning requirement. 
Mistakes are only mistakes if you never learn from them.
More cliches.

Good luck to you all, don't let a bad day stop you!

How do you get past feeling discouraged?

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